℃-ute Cutie Circuit ~De retour à Paris~

La Cigale - Paris - ℃-ute Cutie Circuit ~De retour à Paris~


【 Price 】43€

PREMIUM TICKET (limited number): 122€

PREMIUM TICKET includes: priority entrance for the live, signed photo, Fan Meeting participation on monday 17th.

The tickets are non refundable. Once purchased 33 Degrees will not be able to refund the tickets. Please try to resell it to other fans.

If you have purchased a Premium Ticket, you have received a first ticket that will grant you access to the concert on the 16th of April. A second ticket will be sent to you by email that will grant you access to the fanmeeting on the 17th of April.


The Fan Meeting will take place on April 17th 2017 for the people who have a PREMIUM TICKET.

【 Schedule 】   Monday 17th April 2017     START 2PM


During the concert and the fanmeeting you are not allowed to take pictures and videos of anykind (camera, smartphone, …)

For security reasons anykind of liquid will not be allowed in the venue (Water, cola, alcohol,…).

Once your ticket checked, any exit is permanent.


【 Further information 】

You may bring gifts for the girls, you will be able to drop the gifts in a box at the venue.


Promoter :AZALÉE - 33 DEGREES

From 43 to 122

Doors open one hour before the show