120, Boulevard de Rochechouart — 75018 Paris

01 49 25 89 99 — accueil@lacigale. fr

03 JUNE 2018


Promoter : 33 Degrees


On sale on Weezevent

Standard ticket price on Weezevent : 40 €

Premium ticket price on Weezevent : 80 €

Premium ticket give access to the show and to the HANDSHAKE with the girls, more information to be released soon.


Formed in April 2009 as S/mileage by former Hello! Project pro Egg members, their name was a combination of Smile and Age. In May of 2010 they won a Japan Record Award for Best New Artist. They changed their name in October 2014 to ANGERME which was a mix of the French words forAnge- Angel and Larme-Tears. Kana, the sub leader at the time, came up with the name. There are members of 10. June 3rd 2018 will mark their first performance overseas.


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