120, Boulevard de Rochechouart — 75018 Paris

01 49 25 89 99 — accueil@lacigale. fr

07 OCTOBER 2023

(Français) Baxter Dury

Organizer : Talent Boutique


Sitting/Standing (free seating, seating not guaranteed)


Baxter Dury celebrates 20 years of career! 20 years of shady, caustic music, London nighttime snapshots, sweaty, sexy, casual bass lines and downtempo disco, driven by a sense of desolation but also by a deep affection for humanity.
The 20th anniversary is the perfect occasion to release ‘Mr Maserati’, a compilation of the best tracks from his six albums, as well as a new song, D.O.A., co-written with his film Kosmo.
Baxter Dury will be back for an exceptional concert at La Cigale on 7 October 2023!

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