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30 JUNE 2020

Kid Francescoli

Promoter : A Gauche De La Lune


2013 was the success year for Kid Francescoli with the release of the first album « With Julia » and in particular with the single « Blow Up ». The second and last album out in 2017, « Play me Again » confirmed their success with a two years international tour.

Kid Francescoli has also been noticed by international brands such as Lanvin, Lacoste, Lancôme or Chanel for their advertisement campaigns.

On the next album, h wanted to collaborate with several singers having different musical backgrounds: Nassee, with a smooth and r’n’b style voice, Samantha, a low and warm voice, singing in Brazilian , Ioni and Sarah, in order to keep that American disco queen touch) to enrich his music’s sounds and ambience.

He mostly found inspiration and figured out the atmosphere on that Marseille’s ledge. He was enjoying every seconds of the wonders there : sun, sea, scene love. It makes the sounds warmer, with a latin touch, matching perfectly with that melancholic dance touch that I cherish. »