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14 OCTOBER 2015


Elvis Perkins

Songwriter and recording artist Elvis Perkins released his latest album “I Aubade” on his own label, MIR. This new work comes as something of a departure from his previous releases on XL Recordings. Whereas Ash Wednesday (2007) would not have been itself without the guidance of friend and producer Ethan Gold, and the eponymous Elvis Perkins in Dearland and subsequent Doomsday EP (2009) were group efforts, “I Aubade” was on the whole an autonomous project. “Not surprisingly this is the thing that sounds the most, to me, like myself.” says Perkins.


Born Ruffians

It’s somewhere between the phantasmagorical twistings of Animal Collective, the little bounces of Vampire Weekend, sometimes with the dynamic efficiency of Pixies and the exhausting freshness of Clap Your Hands that we can find the Canadian band Born Ruffians. After tours with artists like Franz Ferdinand and Caribou, appearences  in Tv shows like Skins and to have their hits used in some advertisements, they come back with a fifth LP, « RUFF » released on september the 2nd of 2015.



We know one thing for certain about AaRON: the complicity ́ between Simon Buret and Olivier Coursier is so strong that it makes their band unique. Rejecting conventions, refusing to repeat themselves. Strengthened by a well-deserved national success and an international recognition (they won a European Border Breaker Award in Denmark in 2009), the pair has decided to reinvent themselves. Their third album released in September 2015 is dark and violent, but from this darkness also gushes a unique and surprisingly light electro pop.