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14 OCTOBER 2016



Wednesday 12th, Thursday 13th, Friday 14th of October

Paris – Pigalle / Montmartre

120 concerts in 3 days, in the heart of Paris, have you ever seen anything like this?


12 emblematic venues of the red light district of Paris, all very close to each other, for you to wander from concerts to concerts, discover new music and enjoy the thrilling energy of Pigalle and Montmartre.


A beautiful mix of French and international artists, established or new comers, rock, pop, electronic, folk, hip-hop, and pretty much every other genre.


Guillaume Perret : 7.15 PM – 7.50 PM

For the French saxophonist Guillaume Perret, jazz is an open invitation: funk, surreal harmonies, breakneck metal, breathy arabesque, retro-African new-groove, and jam-band psychedelia… It’s big-tent jazz, a sonic electro-shock bristling with a world-wide range of influences. Right after the EP Doors, the second CD (2014), entitled Open Me, picked up where the first left off: a recklessly beautiful adventure into unknown musical territory. His new solo album, entitled FREE, which will be released September 23, 2016, follows the same goal.



La Fine Equipe : 8.15 PM – 9.00PM

La Fine Équipe is composed by four beatmakers : Oogo, Chomsky, Mr,Gib and Blanka. Since the launch of the concept in 2008 with “Fantastic Planet” album, the four-guys gag gained ground by feeding from live experiences as well as lone projects, keeping both eyes on new tendencies, They released 3 episodes of La Boulangerie, a door of the lab wide open so others can come and play with machines, knead melodies and throw in some spices and savoir-faire in the making.
Worthy representatives of a new French electronic scene symbolized by the expansion of the independent label Nowadays Records (Fakear, Everydayz, UNNO, etc) they won Deezer/Adami Jury Prize in 2015, and touring to the wellknown festivals (Dour, Les Vieilles Charrues, les Francofolies, Couleur Café, etc..). They are currently in the studio preparing a new album !



Christophe : 9.30 PM

Christophe, the godfather of the French touch!
Ultimate dandy of French song with sometimes sounding blues, rock and electro often spell thirteenth studio album, result of more than 50 year career, matured for 7 years, and so waited …
Christophe, singer obsessed with (good) sound is a multifaceted artist, a perfectionist, curious, talented …
He influenced artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre with whom he collaborated for more than 40 years after with this new album, but also Cassius and the promising Christine and The Queens.
Among his entourage, one can count: AIR, Daft Punk, Mirwais – close to Lou Reed.
Today, “Les Vestiges du Chaos” has beautiful collaborations: Among them, Anna Mouglalis (Chanel muse) and Soko. The album was mastered by Joe LaPorta, who himself recently worked on the last album of the late David Bowie.