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16 OCTOBER 2015


Kid Wise

Emerging in 2012 from the effervescent french rock scene  with “Kid”, first hit full of charm and efficiency, KID WISE is a young indie pop band from Toulouse who took a stamp the year after with its single “Hope” and its video full of sincerity. While their first album went out on March, the 2nd of 2015, on stage, KID WISE gives away ambitious post rock influences testifying a remarkable maturity for a band still overflown with a young grace aura.



Heymoonshaker are the unlikely pairing of two art forms that are decades apart; Grit-your-teeth, raw, blues guitar and expansive, heart-pounding beatboxing. What impresses most and has made their commitment to Beatbox Blues so successful is the indescribable chemistry these two have on stage. Not surprisingly, Heymoonshaker’s unique and energetic take on the blues has also been snapped up by festivals around the world. 2015 will rock as they’ll release their “real” debut album in October on Dify Records.



IS TROPICAL are a four piece from England. Formed in London in 2009, the band was originally a trio until the early 2014. In June 2010 they signed to French label Kitsuné where they recorded two full-length studio albums. Their debut album Native to was released in June 2011 followed by an EP, titled Flags  was the culmination of their extensive global travels since their inception. They are set to release a new album in September 2015.