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12 NOVEMBER 2023


Promoter : Traffix Music


“Pascal Parisot did not take long to make his mark in the world of song for young audiences! Very quickly children and parents adopted his mocking tone, his lanky look and his heady refrains, recognizable among a thousand. After an early career where the songwriter distilled his intoxicating melodies for adults – like « Ca alors » – he took a 180° turn in 2008 and released, for children, a first opus master: “Les pieds dans le plat”, book-CD where he lets his singular fantasy explode and his pronounced taste for games with words, notes and musical discoveries, delighting us with stainless hits like « mes parents sont bios » or « Les poissons panés ». Because the « parigot » has no equal for crunching with a tender irony and a fertile imagination the daily life of young and old and, without seeming to do so, give a few mischievous scratches to our old world. Inspired and prolific, he has since produced a good half-dozen CDs and CD-books, including “La vie de château” and “Mort de Rire”. And so many tasty and joyful shows with inventive staging where he reveals himself as a cool and tongue-in-cheek beast of the stage, surrounded by his faithful Jacques Tellitocci and Pascal Colomb, forming an impeccable trio of talented uncles, pranksters and accomplices in onion decorations. Sometimes we even come across famous guests like the designer Charles Berberian. And it works great! So in the room, young and old know many of his refrains. Where will he take us next? We do not know. But the good-natured crooner is never short of wacky ideas. Which is not the least of his talents.”
Gilles Avisse