120, Boulevard de Rochechouart — 75018 Paris

01 49 25 89 99 — accueil@lacigale. fr

02 MARCH 2021


Promoter : Animama Prod


Well known artist of Parisian night owls, he indulges now intimately through his fourth album.
Multicolor is the album of personal accomplishment. He invites the public into his universe, imbued with his personal history. He draws from his life experience an inspiration that leads him to transcend his wounds. He exposes his sensitivity and also lets himself dream …
He puts his melodies on sounds at the crossroads of Soul, Funk and Electro, which will echo the fans of Bruno Mars, Marvin Gaye, The Weeknd or Prince.
This unique date at the Cigale, he pampered. Inspired by American shows, he will amaze you!