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04 MARCH 2019

The Lemon Twigs

Première partie : (Français) Laure Briard

Promoter : Radical production


The Lemon Twigs 

In creating Go to School, The Lemon Twigs have taken on an immense, multileveled challenge and pulled it off with a degree of insightfulness and sophistication far beyond their years. The challenge now falls on listeners to willingly suspend their disbelief and join Brian and Michael D’Addario on this unprecedented musical fantasia, which takes us to the heart and soul of present-day reality.



Laure Briard 

As the worthy heiress of Françoise Hardy, Margo Guyan or Vashti Bunyan, Laure Briard releases

intimate albums between realism and poetry. Performing as much in the field of pop, garage rock or bossa nova, she weaves small stories of psychedelic yé-yé where sweetness and the cruelty of our lives are intertwined.